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Who is this

Celtic Kitten?

Hi Ladies,

   I'm Heidi aka Celtic Kitten.. I know all about your busy life. There are three 18 year old "children" learning to adult in our house. Also, three cats and a "retired" husband. I'm a little bit crunchy, I'm a little bit girly girl. Those of you old enough, sing along. My mom was very health conscious. I knew granola, before granola was cool. I grew up at the beach and I love the ocean and nature. Am I the only one planning on living until I'm 100 to enjoy watching my children raise their own teenagers?  

I am most happy near the ocean, in jeans and a t-shirt and barefoot but, I love pretty nails. I have absolutely no extra time to do my own nails. I don't want to go to a salon and inhale all those fumes and I know I'll get talked into the flower. Only $5! 

So what's a busy mom to do? Would you like to save time and money? Oh Hell yeah! Who doesn't want to save money? How about a little extra guilt-free time for you. Ya know, for a hot cup of coffee, a shower or just to pee ALONE!

You can do a beautiful manicure ANYWHERE in about 10 minutes. Color Street is brand new to the market. We launched June 12, 2017 and I'm so overjoyed to be a Founding Stylist.  What is Color Street? Oh just DRY nail polish. Wait, what?! You heard correct. Three layers in one-base coat, color and top coat. No tools, no heat, no trip to the nail salon. You can literally put them on while waiting in that wonderful line of cars at school for your sweet (baby Jesus when do they go to college) angels. Is your hair processing away the grays (yeah, we all have a few)? Do a manicure. No more gray, pretty fingers. Win-Win. Meeting your besties for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? Do your nails while you're catching up.

I've had so much fun building my business and working with awesome, empowered women. Looking for something new for yourself? Have questions? Ask me anything!


NOTE: Celtic Kitten was not my stripper name. It's a combination of me being fiercely Irish, born under the sign of the lion and my love of raising foster kittens. Not that it couldn't be!